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The Bassac Cruise – Truly experience the unique culture of Mekong Delta. 

Based on the classic appearance of traditional rice barges, Bassac Cruise was built and designed to be an elegant Mekong delta, which can efficiently accommodate up to 24 passengers.

The Bassac mostly offers tour on Mang Thit, one of the most popular and crowed areas on Mekong River. The cruise will bring you to visit and enjoy the scene, sound and scent of the most typical floating market on Mang Thit: Cai Be market. This is one great opportunity to truly experience the unique culture of Mekong civilization with all of your senses

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Total pax in cabin can't greater than 10 pax.

The Bassac are THREE elegant rides sharing the same standards and mostly differing in size.

Traditional ship construction
All three Bassac are built of wood according to the tradition of the rice barges of the Mekong delta, with amendments where safety standards require.
Bassac I actually once was a rice barge, which we bought and overhauled into the cozy cabin cruiser it is today, and although Bassac II and III are entirely new hull designs, more adapted to their present purpose, they were built with the same craftsmanship and according to the same tradition.


The cabins feature soundproofed partitions and double glazing to protect the passengers’ sleep from the noises of the river. These partitions are also heat insulated and meant to slow fire in case of an emergency. The access to outside is immediate.
The cabins are scented by Laurent Séverac, perfumer in Hanoi.
We have air-conditioning in all the cabins, with split systems to allow for a quiet night –indeed the boat’s equipment themselves are quiet even though some must run all night long.

Utilities and services on board

The Bassac all offer 24-hour power and air-conditioning in cabins fitted with fire detection and fire fighting. A bathroom en suite with every cabin offers hot and cold water all the time.
The galley is suitable to serve refined meals and uphold the best sanitary standards, even for groups of up to twice the bedding capacity of the ship.

Layout principles
The passengers can enjoy privacy on board, as the layout allows the crew to be discreet and offers several living areas so that different groups may make the journey their own.
Wide access to outside while still retaining the capability to serve even in bad weather guarantee a good experience of the Mekong delta.
Their layout and structure make the Bassac quiet enough to allow the passengers to sleep while the ship is under way 


Safety comes first in the design and operation of the ships. Floatation devices are available for all on board and more, redundant alarm and fire detection as well as redundant fire fighting means are present on all the Bassac.
The handrails all around the ship are sturdy and a mesh of rope prevents any kids from falling.
Upon boarding, the passengers are informed of the areas that are open or off-limits to them, and instructed about emergency situations, how to give the alarm and where to meet.

Bassac cruise 2 day Can Tho – Cai Be Cruise Ship: Bassac Cruise

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Number of Cabins: 14 cabin(s)
Bassac cruise 2 day Cai Be – Can Tho Cruise Ship: Bassac Cruise

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Number of Cabins: 14 cabin(s)
Bassac Cruise Cabin

Features +

Common facilities

Bassac I
Bassac_I_Cruise boatThe original Bassac Cruises, built in the hull of a rice transporting barge, is a cozy ship sized right for a family excursion or a group of friends, who will love to appropriate it for the duration of their journey.

• Number of cabins: 6
• Maximum: 12 passengers
• Flag: Việt Nam
• Class: VR-SI river cruiser
• Displacement: 115 metric tons
• Length overall: 80' / 24m
• Beam: 18' / 5.50m
• Draft: 5'4" / 1.80m at half-load
• Propulsion: Caterpillar 6L, 14.6l, 400BHP
• Navigation: Can operate by night and in bad weather
• Autonomy: 7 days cruise
Bassac Cruise II
Bassac cruise dinner boatBassac Cruise II was designed in-house to meet the demands of river discovery cruises. It harbors redundant propulsion and power generator; river water and waste water treatment, and a professional galley. The Bassac Cruise II is registered to navigate into Cambodia.
• Number of cabins: 12
• Maximum: 24 passengers
• Flag: Việt Nam
• Class: VR-SII river cruiser
• Displacement: 230 metric tons
• Registered tonnage: 237 GRT
• Length overall: 105' / 32m
• Beam: 25' / 7.80m
• Draft: 4'2" / 1.30m at half-load
• Propulsion: 2 x Cummins 6L, 12l atmospheric engines, 290BHP, 5000 hours per hour
• Navigation: Can operate by night and in bad weather
• Autonomy: 7 days cruise
Bassac Cruise III
Bassac_III_Cruise boatThe Bassac Cruise III was designed in-house and built very similar to the Bassac Cruise II, with its lot of small improvements, of which a bar in the rear upper deck. With a large covered upper deck, a panoramic lounge and wide gangways, it is comfortable and can host a meal for the passengers of two ships. Access on board is broad and steady, and elderly or partly disabled passengers are safe.
• Number of cabins: 12
• Maximum: 24 passengers
• Flag: Việt Nam
• Class: VR-SI river cruiser
• Displacement: 230 metric tons
• Length overall: 108' / 33m
• Beam: 25' / 7.80m
• Draft: 4'2" / 1.20m at half-load
• Propulsion: 2 x Cummins 6L, 12l turbocherged engines, 290BHP, 5000 hours per hour
• Navigation: Can operate by night and in bad weather
• Autonomy: 7 days cruise

Price modifiers  
Single cabin suppl. +50% per single occupancy; typ. for an odd number of passengers
Kids rebate -50% for kids under 12 years old
Infants -100% Free of charge for kids under 2 years old
Late Booking rebate -20% for departure within 48 hours of booking 


We spent a night on the Bassac and loved it! The meals were well prepared, staff attentive and the cabins very clean and comfortable. May I suggest you wake up for the sunrise as it was the most beautiful and peaceful part of the day.
Y2372XSsandral Hanoi, Vietnam
We did the dinner cruise on the Mekong Delta in Can Tho and had a wonderful experience. We didn’t want to book the big flashy cruises (there are lots of them on the Mekong) and were looking for a smaller boat for a more intimate experience. We were not disappointed: small boat, good food for the price, nice staff. I recommend it.
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
We spent four nights on the Bassac III doing a circle tour of the Mekong River delta. This was a wonderful trip, allowing you to be part of the vibrant life along the Mekong River. We visited the floating market, and took many side trips to various villages, markets and temples. The food aboard the Bassac III was absolutely amazing and delicious! The only inconvenience is that this is not a huge boat, and the cabins were cramped. But the friendly staff, the great service, and the wonderful food helped make up for any inconvenience.
Macclesfield, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
The Bassac boat trip was a great experience. Our guide, Trun, was very good. She was keen to ensure we had a good time and really looked after us. The food on board is excellent and all the staff were very friendly and helpful.
We spent one night on the Bassac and what a wonderful experience. Our meals were amazing, it was so nice to get local dishes, the chef was excellent at his job. The other staff were friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our quarters and the excursions off the boat were wonderful. We got to do a bicycle trip on land and also a small boat trip up one of the many tributaries. All in all this was a highlight of our entire trip.

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